HENCO - a communication company

Sphere of activities
Information Technology solutions, particularly in the area of communication design, including audio applications.

The internet offers a lot of possibilities but is still mainly a text-based medium. Our focus is on developing the internet as communication channel. This means rethinking of what communication means and how it can be done with technology to better suit our human needs.


    Our perspective
We work in a multidisciplinary way using the latest technology and adapting it to what science is telling us about human communicative behaviour.
The communication sciences include a broad range of disciplines. Our specific interests are biological knowledge about our senses - in particular hearing and sight, the brain, our memory and language -, linguistics - in particular speech and phonetics -, cultural differences in the way we talk in the global village and sociological/psychological aspects - like: our relations to others, our sense of identity, our self knowledge, conditions for perception and motivation e t c. All these aspects must be taken into account in order to be successful with a new communication system.

Areas of application
We work in a number of contexts, for example: education/learning, rehabilitation - hearing impairments, management, business, e-commerce and evaluation of projects and activities.

Depending on the type of project, we recruit a tailored team with complementary people, mainly with a scientific background. People involved have experience with both short term (weeks) and long term projects (years). The projects have ranged from local development to national and international projects involving a great number of partners.

Our aim is to be in the front line in the use and understanding of current developments and science in our field. We recruit international key persons to our projects, but our base is Sweden.

Please contact us for further information about earlier and potential projects.


Henrik Hansson, Ph D, Director
Tel no +46 (0)70 3190150
Fax number: +46 (0)70 2369148
E-mail: henrik.hansson@henco.info
URL: www.henco.info